Saturday, November 16, 2013

English Workshop with Kemas's Teachers

Today is the final day we done English Workshop with Kemas.
It was a nice experinced being a friend, sister and family for 3 weeks session with them.
 I hope all of my mentee can gain new knowledge, information and experience together..

Let's catch a photo of our let's talk activity : My Most Favourite Thing..

..Set of Angry Bird soft toys..

1 of 48 mugs from her collections

..Maruku Machine from her late mother..

She love decorating home with beautiful flowers..

Hand made wooden craft from her dear husband..

Escada Perfume as a special gift from dear husband..

Star pillow that soft and comfort

Ladies really love something cute and soft :)

Custom album made by her own husband for their wedding gift..

From this activity, teachers may know each other better and getting close to each other... 
May this relationship will never end and stop..

From this activity, I can say the objective of this course has achieved where every teachers more confident to talk in English where else to speak in English in front of the young students in the future.. In sha Allah..

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